Reddilift Forklift Services guarantees 24/7 back up service. If a customer requires service outside normal working hours, our land line phone diverts to my own personnel mobile phone, ensuring that all such calls are dealt with as soon as possible. This gives our customers the assurance that their call is dealt with immediately.

Our commitment to our customers is to minimise downtime and disruptions on both routine service and emergency repair work. This is backed up by our fully equipped mobile workshops which are serviced by qualified engineers who can repair breakdowns and carry out routine service work on site. For major overhauls and repairs we can collect and delivery with our recovery vehicle, without depending on outside contractors thus cutting costs and downtime.

The workshop was built in 2004 and it was specially designed for the repairing and refurbishing of forklifts. It is equipped with all the necessary equipment for forklift refurbishment such as our five tonne lifting capacity overhead crane and our specially designed spray booth. With this equipment we can give a forklift a full rebuild with reduced costs and downtime for the customer.

For further information on our services please contact Reddilift Forklift Services
Reddilift Forklift Services, Barnaderg, Tuam, Galway, Ireland. Phone : +353 (0)93 49884 E-mail:

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